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The essence of Investment management

Investment Management is part of the management. Accordingly, investment management is a pair of methods, principles for managing the investment practice, managing the movement of investment resources as a way to bring in revenue (profit) in the future when minimizing costs.

Management Activities related to the investment procedure can be carried out at the level of this condition, territory, region, industry, and enterprise. This provides increase to the features of tackling investment action on a national scale and over the frame of individual issues. Management in any respect levels is situated on a methodological framework.

Investment Management is an entire art. It is manifested in how a specific trader manages to select investment items that bring more money than investors do, and even without risk. However, intuition is not enough. With no knowledge, without calculations, even without investigation, the investor cannot achieve powerful results. For work within the area of investment administration, knowledge of many disciplines is required. Theories have been developed based on a methodology of optimizing investment calculation risks and endurance of investing money, and evaluating the efficacy of investment projects. The evolution of procedures and techniques is desirable.

Therefore, Investment management can be thought as a system of measures aimed at Assessing and keeping the capital of an economic thing. The investment Manager plays an important role in the control of this investment process.